Printed Square Scarf

6 Ways to Wear a Printed Square Scarf for Every Occasion

In 2023, the scarf is not just an accessory for your neck anymore. It can be worn in hundreds of different ways. Yet it's still an extension of your personality. Hope you picked your perfect printed scarf to unlock its full potential.

Creative ways to wear your Printed Square Scarf:

1. The Classic Knot:

Start by laying your scarf on a flat surface. Hold one corner and put it above its opposite corner forming a triangle. Hold the outer corners and throw it over your shoulder adjusting the centre corner of the scarf right at your back. Bring the outer corners together and tie a simple knot. And there you have a classic way to turn literally any outfit into an old money look.

2. The Head Scarf:

Want a boho chic look for a day outing? Here is a way to turn heads with a head scarf. Lay the scarf over a flat surface and put one corner over its opposite corner forming a triangle. Hold the outer corners and throw the scarf over your head. Adjust the centre corner of the scarf to fall on your back and the position of the longest edge against your forehead. Pull the outer corners that you are holding towards the back of your back of your head and tie a knot. If you have enough fabric left after tying the knot, you can also twist both ends and tie it on your forehead making a little bow. And voila! an instant head turner.

3. With a Ring

Fold your square scarf in half by layering two opposite corners and roll the centre corner towards the longer edge, put it over your neck in a way that with the loose ends falls over your chest equally. Take a ring and pass both the edges through it. Adjust the ring in the position of your choice. There you have a perfect replacement for a tie for a stunning formal look.

4. The Crop Top:

Crying over a mountain of clothes and still got nothing to wear? Let's make a no stitch crop for your day out. Fold the Square scarf in half into a triangle and slide it under your arms, around your bust. Now comes the interesting part. What kind of top do you want? If you want a simple tube top, hold the longer edge of your scarf upwards, over your bust and pull the loose ends towards your back and tie a knot. To spice it up, take the loose and flip it around,under your arm like a strap and tie a knot at the back to make it a backless top. If you want to make a bikini top, simply flip the tube top’s front towards your back so that the knot is in the front. Adjust it well to cover your bust and you have the cutest bikini top.

5. The Bandana:

For decades, the bandana look has been popular among teens. Now Gen Z has taken it to a different level as a whole. Bandanas now are not just worn on the forehead but also on knees, forearms and wrists. Start by laying it on a flat surface and start folding it from one corner to another diagonally. Rest is up to you, where will you wear it to elevate your entire look?

6. The Belt:

Everyone can throw a scarf around their waist like a belt. But do you want to take it to another level? Let's Start by holding one corner of the scarf. Take the opposite corner and tie a small knot. The smaller, the better. Slip your wrist under the knot and let the scarf fall. Now hold a loose end and pass it under your wrist to the other side. Take the other loose end and twist the two ends twice. Then pass one of the ends back under your wrist. Now remove your wrist and gently pull the loose ends towards opposite directions. You’ll be left with a beautiful rose. Place the scarf around your wait and adjust where you want the rose to be. Tie the knot to accentuate your waist accordingly. 

Prepare to dazzle the world with your sartorial prowess as we explore a range of captivating ways to wear this timeless accessory. Remember, your style is what you are comfortable and confident in. Let these scarf tips be your bold edgy statement. 

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