About Us

"Thee Modern Roots" brand deals in printed scarves, sarees, dupattas, and pocket squares. The name represents a fusion of traditional and modern styles. The word "roots" symbolizes a heritage connection while "modern" represents contemporary and stylish designs. The use of the word "thee" instead of "the" suggests an emphasis on uniqueness and individuality.

The brand aims to offer a fresh perspective on traditional textiles and patterns, using modern design techniques to create unique and fashionable products. The name "Thee Modern Roots" reflects their commitment to preserving traditional techniques and styles while also adapting to their customers' changing trends and needs.

Sprouted out of sheer necessity to promote conscious consumption. Thee Modern Roots was launched in July 2022. It is a curation of apparel - designs that are versatile, and timeless, and serve as modern heirlooms & gifts for your special ones.
We endeavor to punctuate quality, value, and a unique creative expression. The philosophy of Thee Modern Roots is simple. To create timeless keepsakes inspired by the rich cultural mosaic of the world.