Our Story

Discover Thee Modern Roots, an enchanting Delhi-based brand founded by a visionary woman entrepreneur. We specialize in printed scarves, sarees, dupattas, and pocket squares, offering a seamless fusion of traditional and modern styles. The name "Thee Modern Roots" represents our deep-rooted connection to heritage, while embracing contemporary and stylish designs. We redefine the essence of fashion by emphasizing uniqueness and individuality.

At Thee Modern Roots, we strive to offer a fresh perspective on traditional textiles and patterns. Through modern design techniques, we create exceptional and fashionable products that reflect our customers' changing trends and needs.

Established in July 2022, Thee Modern Roots sprouted from a genuine need to promote conscious consumption. Our curated collection of versatile and timeless designs serves as modern heirlooms and delightful gifts for your loved ones. We prioritize quality, value, and a unique creative expression in everything we do.

Our philosophy is simple: to create timeless keepsakes inspired by the rich cultural mosaic of the world. Experience the beauty and artistry of Thee Modern Roots as we celebrate the harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary elegance. Explore our collection and indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of our Delhi-based brand.

At Thee Modern Roots, we prioritize minimizing to zero waste in product creation. Each item is made exclusively for you, resulting in longer wait times. However, we believe the wait is worth it for the environmentally conscious and personalized experience we provide.



The Modern consumer is mindful and conscious. It is for people who love the detail and thought in every choice they make. Our designs are inspired by the distinctive details of art, travel, and architecture interspersed with subtle nuances of modern living. These designs are then reborn on fine, rich, and ethically sourced fabrics. By offering multi-purpose and highly versatile clothing, we strive to work in tune with the environment while staying relevant to contemporary aesthetics.



To create a timeless eclectic, well thought of, and environmentally friendly wardrobe.