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Five Creative Ways to Style a Saree Today

A symbol of grace, tradition and timeless elegance in Indian garment is The Saree. Draped and styled in countless ways the saree is simply an infinite dress. This versatile attire has showcased its ability to adapt to changing fashion trends and individual preferences over the centuries. Every corner of India also has a unique way to style it. Whether it's a wedding or formal event, or simply an experiment with everyday look, there are numerous ways to wear a saree that can make you stand out in the crowd. 

5 Simple Yet Creative Ways to Add an Innovative Touch to Your Saree:

1. The Classic Drape

Starting with the basic, traditional Nivi Drape is the most common way of wearing a saree. First take the side of the saree with the falls on. Hold the corner of the saree so that the falls edge touches the floor slightly and tuck that corner into the right side of your petticoat. Simply drape it around your waist from the front to back once or twice. Now take the other edge of the saree and neatly pleat it lengthwise and place it over your left shoulder. Adjust it in a way that the edge of the fabric which falls at the back (the pallu) touches the cuff muscles and secure it with a pin on the shoulder. Now hold the edge that falls on the bust, adjust it to your comfort and drape it from your left solder to the waist, through your right underarm and tuck it in the front middle of your waist. Then take the remaining fabric and start pleating it, holding up, breathwise. Once it's done, tuck the upper pleats to the middle of your centre middle of your waist so that the lower edges of the pleats just brush over the floor. Secure the pleats with a safety pin if needed. While this style can be considered the standard way of wearing a saree, it's far from boring. To spice this look up, you can play around with different blouse designs, fabric and accessories to give it a personalized twist. Try experimenting with contrasting colours of blouses with a little edgy cut or for a more contemporary appeal with a high neck blouse. Accessories with jewelry like jhumkas and Neck pieces depending on the blouse. Add bangles to add a more indian touch to it to complete the classic look. 

2. The Bengali Drape

Bengali Saree draping is a stunning variation that originated in West Bengal. It's the same below the waist but this time the pallu is draped in the front, leaving the pleats in the back. The pallu goes from the back to the front over the left shoulder. This style is best to showcase intricate pallu designs. Pairing it with the traditional puff sleeves blouse with embroidery makes it stand out more. Complete it with jewellery, preferably gold for a more traditional look. 

3. Gujarati Style Drape

This drape has a unique and eye-catching way to wear a saree. Pleat the saree in a way that forms a V-shaped pattern at the front. The pallu then is gracefully draped over the shoulder and pinned in place. The rest below the waist goes like the classic way. This style is characterised mostly by vibrant and colourful sarees, often with Bandhani or tie-dye prints. Finish it with silver jewellery and bangles to complete the ensemble.

4. Lehenga Saree

This saree is for the people who want the elegance of a saree and comfort of the lehenga at the same time. This Pre-draped saree comes with a skirt that eliminates the need for praying below the waist. Just slip into the skirt and drape the pallu in the classic way. Accessorise them with a statement belt, maang tika or other jewellery to complete the look. And you have an easy to go look for every occasion.  

5. Pant Saree

Fusion Fashion Lover? The pant saree is the most trendy option for you, that combines the grace of a saree with the ultimate comfort of pants. It's simply a saree draped over a pair of fitted pants or leggings. It's stylish and Practical, making it suitable for events that require a lot of movement like your sibling’s wedding. Go for a fabric like georgette or crepe and pair it with a stylish crop top or a long blouse. Add the sneakers for a fun twist.

Complete the ensemble with minimal soft touch jewellery. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with this timeless infinity garment and make the saree your canvas of self exploration. With these Five simple ways, you are ever ready to make your entrance with leave the perfect ever lasting impression. Check out our website, Thee Modern Roots to find the best pieces of silk saree online.

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