How To Fold A Pocket Square

How To Fold A Pocket Square: 5 Classic Ways

For a long time, a pocket square has been the smooth touch of a gentleman. Crafted either from a piece of silk or linen, these pocket squares are the final and most important part to complete the look of a suit or blazer. It might have started off as a quick means to clean sweat or dirt, but it has been the best pick up line for a man to elegantly approach a woman for centuries. Now it has evolved to “the” fashion statement. A small pocket square peeping through the pocket of a suit can enhance the entire outfit making a big impact on your overall style making a lasting impression.

Here are 5 folds that will help you wear your pocket square in the most elegant way:

1. The Classic Fold:

Like the name goes, it's classic, simple yet elegant. Just lay the pocket square flat on a surface. Fold it half but diagonally to create a triangle. Repeat again to make a smaller triangle by joining the outer corners. Slide it into your pocket adjusting only the centre corner to be visible. And Voila! a safe choice to complement your outfit.

2. The Puff Fold:

Want a relaxed and casual look? Then puff fold it is. Pinch the centre of the pocket square lifting it upward and let the fabric fall into a drape on its own. Gently hold the bottom half and fold it over the pinched area. Adjust and tuck it into your pocket allowing only the puff to be visible and you have an effortless style which will look cool with any blazer or tux turning it into a more approachable and comfortable formalwear.

3. The Crown Fold:

If you are looking for a more unique style which makes you look edgy and helps you stand out, the crown fold is the one to go for. Lay the pocket square flat and fold it half diagonally, turning it into a triangle. Gently hold one outer corner and place it above the centre corner. Repeat the same for the other outer corner. this will layer your pocket square in folds. Then fold the bottom corner upwards and tuck it in pocket, leaving only the corners to peep out a little. Adjust the corners to look like a crown shape. This fold will simply boost your confidence for any special event.

4. The Winged Puff Fold:

Want to Impress people with a clean finish like a pro? The winged puff fold will be the best trick. Fold the pocket square in half diagonally by laying it flat to create a triangle. Then fold the outer corners together to form a smaller triangle. Adjust the centre corner to face upwards and fold the bottom corner upwards allowing it to create a puff in the centre. Gently tuck it into your pocket. make sure the corners are peeping out like a wing. This fold is perfect for any grand occasion like a wedding or reception.

5. The Presidential Fold:

Like the name stands, it's the most polished and sleek way to wear a pocket square. Start by laying the pocket square flat and carefully fold it into half horizontally. Fold the sides towards the centre but leaving a little space and fold it above each other creating a small rectangle. Tuck it into your pocket straight and flat. Adjust the visible part according to your preference. And you have a simple yet bold detail to your outfit.

Never forget, a pocket square is your personal touch to complete a formal outfit. It's more like adding the final detailed strokes to a painting. Add your preferable pop of colour and break the silence of your outfit and a patterned pocket square can be the perfect match to do so. No matter which fold you go for, the colour or pattern pick will be the touch of your personality and how you want to represent yourself. So go Big!

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