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How To Pick The Right Scarf?

A women’s square scarves doesn’t have to match! Yes you read it right. For centuries we have been taught to mix and match certain colours and patterns. Those rules definitely affect our decision while picking the scarf. But we are in the 21st century and happy to tell you, they don’t really apply anymore. You can mix non-complementary colours and patterns with exemptions. So why not step out of the box and pick the beautiful scarf you always wanted. 

Here are some basic ways to help you choose the perfect printed scarf which compliments you the best:

Flatter your Face:

The most important point to note while picking a printed scarf is whether it flatters your face or not. Which brings us to choosing colours and patterns that complements your skin tone and hair colour. Choosing the right scarf allows you to wear all those colours that don’t normally suit you. To elaborate, suppose you have a grey dress that you don’t wear because you believe that only warm tones suit you, well your scarf is here to break that silence and hype up your dress. Pair that grey dress with your warm toned printed scarf and you’ll be more than comfortable rocking the dress you never wore. It's the colour next to your face that makes the ensemble work.

Still confused? Check out our huge collection of colours at Thee Modern Roots Square scarf section for designer scarves. 

Scarf Fabric and Texture:

Scarves come in various textures and fabrics, and each with their own benefits. Initially scarves were in wool, with the motive to keep you warm. With fashion now scarves are more of a statement to your style. Silk Scarves with their soft sheen and effortless fall of drape is preferred most and is also suggested by stylists and designers for their touch of elegance to any outfit. They are not just light but also comfortable to carry around in a wide variety of climates, making them travel friendly and flexible for any drape or style. 

Silk scarves has its own fanbase all the way back to the 90s and yet continues, thanks to the iconic beauty Audrey Hepburn and her movies. 

“Don’t Don’t Don’t” Run Away from Bright Printed Pattern Scarves: A brightly patterned scarf will for sure take a turn for the better for any vanilla outfit. So don't be afraid to go edgy because that is what makes you stand out. Instead also try with other patterned apparel, where the two can perfectly compliment each other.

If men can wear a patterned tie with striped or checked shirt why can’t women pair a patterned scarf in similar style. 

Patterns That Might Go Wild:

From Kaleidoscopes of prints to a blank canvas, choosing the perfect scarf can be a little overwhelming, but think of it as a piece of paper that you want to fill in with colour that resonates with you. The scarf is simply an extension of your personality. Try exploring different prints and patterns from whimsical floral scarf to bold geometric scarf, don’t skip captivating animal motifs or abstract artistries. Trial and error is the only way to go through this. So do try it on your neck to see how the pattern folds into your innermost self and effortlessly reflects your mood, desire and aspirations.  


Lastly, don’t go for perfection. The imperfection and twists in your styling will be the key to choosing your Printed Square Scarf. For buying a Printed scarf you need a purpose of styling, is it to hype up a boring outfit or is it for a trendy fashion statement as a top or head scarf etc. You need to know what you are experimenting with, because that will decide the size of your scarf. If you are going for a multi purpose one, 42x42 inches is the infinity scarf. It can be styled from a simple wrap around your neck as a neck scarf to a cute crop top to a sarong. Anything and everything is possible with just a little piece of fabric.

Don’t hesitate or question, if it feels right, it is right. And Voila, you found your perfect Printed Scarf. Don’t panic, let the scarf do it’s magic.  

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