Choosing the Right Printed Dupatta

How to Transform your Lehnga with a Dupatta?

Changing your common lehenga look with a dupatta is an art in itself. There are numerous ways to drape to convey a different mood and style. Whether it’s for a wedding, a festive celebration or a special occasion, here’s a guide to help you learn the art of wearing a dupatta on a lehenga effortlessly. 

Choosing the Right Printed Dupatta:

How will you pick the right dupatta or buy dupatta online? It is the most important part of styling a dupatta with a lehenga. A lot of factors may affect the entire look. The fabric, colour and embellishments of the dupatta should complement your lehenga and your personal style. Here are some the factors to be considered:

  1. Fabric: Silk, Georgette and Silk blend are popular choices for dupattas these days. Silk blend adds a regal touch while georgette offers a fluid drape.

  2. Colour: The dupatta’s colour depends on your mood to be exact. How far edgy and bold can you go? For a sober look you should either match or contrast beautifully with your lehenga. For an edgy look, take the colour chart and pick the most wild colour which is opposite of your lehenga and a little loud too. Consider the embroidery or embellishment on your lehenga as well. 

  3. Prints: A printed dupatta can turn any basic or monochromatic lehenga into a bold and impressive look to turn heads on any occasion. Try picking multi colours for a more attractive look and don't shy away.   

  4. Embellishments: Embroidery, sequins, mirror work, and zari add a touch of opulence to your dupatta. Choose embellishments that resonate with the overall design of your lehenga.

Now, Let's Explore Some Popular Draping Styles for Your Dupatta.

  1. Classic Shoulder Drape: Take one corner of your dupatta and tug it to your waist area of the lehenga. Wrap the dupatta across your back and drape it over your shoulder letting the other end of your dupatta fall in the front. Secure it with a decorative brooch or pin it to your blouse from the inside. This style works very well for a traditional or symmetrical look.

  2. Single pallu: Start by taking one corner of the dupatta and tug it to your waistband on your right side. Bring the remaining fabric around your back to the from under your arms and place it over your left shoulder. Either let it hang or secure it with a safety pin. Its more like a half saree look but goes really well for all occasions. 

  3. V-shaped Drape: Simply pleat the entire dupatta and fold in the middle. Create a v-shape over your chest and throw both the pallus over your shoulder. Secure it with a pin and you are ready to rock any dance floor or host a huge celebration without a worry. 

  4. Traditional Double-Pallu Draping: Tuck one corner of the dupatta into the waistband at your left hip. Take the rest of the dupatta and drape it over your left shoulder. Gather the loose end and pleat it neatly. Now, take these pleats and drape them across your back, bringing them over your right shoulder. Secure the pleats with a pin. This style creates an elaborate and traditional look.

Tips for Perfect Draping:

Practice: Mastering the art of dupatta draping takes practice. Try different styles to see which one complements your lehenga and personal style the best.

Secure with Pins: Use decorative pins that match your outfit to keep the dupatta in place, ensuring it doesn't shift during your special occasion.

Balance: Consider the weight of your lehenga and the dupatta when draping. You don't want it to feel too heavy or uncomfortable.

In Conclusion:

Draping a dupatta on your lehenga or a dupatta for saree is an art that allows you to express your style and grace. Your choice of dupatta, along with the draping style, can significantly impact your overall look. Whether you opt for the classic shoulder drape, the modern crossover style, or the traditional double-pallu drape, each method adds its unique charm to your ensemble.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to dupatta draping. The best choice depends on your outfit, personal preferences, and the occasion. So, don't be afraid to experiment and find the style that resonates with you. The key is to feel comfortable, confident, and, most importantly, yourself. After all, it's your special moment, and your style should shine through.

Your lehenga ensemble will be a stunning canvas, with the dupatta as the finishing brushstroke of elegance. To buy printed dupattas online or silk sarees online, check out our website Thee Modern Roots.
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