Printed Dupattas For A Modern Look

Printed Dupattas For A Modern Look

A traditional piece with a modern twist. A dupatta can be paired with multiple outfits. The question is “how?”. The same dupatta that you wear with your salwar kameez can be styled with your lehenga, kurta, dress, evening gown and surprisingly saree too. It's an accessory that can not only elevate your outfit but also turn any basic outfit into a traditional fit. The charm of dupatta is its capability to transform an overall appearance of an ensemble. And a printed dupatta is the real magician in the game. There is an extensive array of patterns and designs, from floral motifs to geometric shapes and abstract prints to match your style and vibe. Here are some ways for you to style them:

1. The Simple Drape:

This is the old money vibe, royal look, which people prefer for a no effort look yet expensive. Simply take one end of the dupatta on your right shoulder, take the other end and wrap it around your shoulder. You can pin it to your left shoulder to secure the look. It's best suited with a flowy silk dupatta with a cotton or linen suit. 

2. Half-Pleated Pallus:

Easiest effortless ways to style your dupatta will be the half-pleated pallu. Easy to carry, easy to wear and easy to match with any look. All you need to do is pleat the dupatta on one side of the shoulder and leave the fanned part hanging in the front. Pin it to secure the pleats and there you go.

3. Pleat and Fall:

Pleat on one end and open on the other is the most chic look you can go for. It's the bollywood favourite of all time. Start by pleating the length of the dupatta, place it on one shoulder and adjust in a way that one-third of it falls behind. Pin it to secure that side. Now hold the inner edge and throw it over the other shoulder. Match the Length falling at the back and pin only the edge so that the dupatta falls on your entire arm. This style goes best if your dupatta has a border. 

4. The Arm Fall:

This is the most beautiful way to wear your dupatta, whether with your lehenga or salwar suit, it falls right on your hips and makes you look cheerful and chic. Simply roll or pleat your dupatta length and throw it over your arm or wrist in a way that most of the dupatta falls at your back. It is a little difficult to carry but oh what a look it creates.

5. The Free Falling Style:

If you want to flaunt your dupatta’s design, this style is “The One”. No pleats or rolling needed. Simply pin two points of the edge of your dupatta to your shoulder with equal lengths falling at the back and let your dupatta fall in the front. You can adjust the front fall according to your comfort. Formal or Casual, it goes with every event.

6. Cowls Style:

This one is Specially for the lehenga lovers. It is worn like a Sash with cowls on one side. Take 2 ends of the longer edge of your dupatta and pin them together on one shoulder. Let the rest of the dupatta fall on its own on your hips. 

7. The Waist Belt Drape:

It's the best for an indo-western look. Georgette or silk blend printed dupattas are perfect for this look. Pleat the entire dupatta length and pin it to your shoulder in a way that it falls both in the front and back equally. Wear a waist belt on top securing the dupatta to your waist. And there you have a sexy yet elegant look accentuating your waist and giving you the diva look.

8. Saree Style:

It's the commonly worn classic lehenga style but it can definitely go with your Patiyala suit for a twist. Start by pleating one side of the dupatta. Pin it to your left shoulder, one-third falling on your back and the other end of the inner edge goes around you, tucked in one side of your waist to your Lahenga or Patiyala. And Voila, you are ready for any occasion or wedding. 

These might be common ways to wear your printed dupatta but oh what an ensemble they create. Try them with your other outfits like Denims and co-ord sets to step out of your comfort zone and create your own styles. You're one step away to make that ever lasting impression.
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