Trendy Outfits for this  Diwali

Top 5 Trendy Outfits for this New Year

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time for celebration, joy, and spreading love. It's also the perfect occasion to adorn yourself in the most exquisite and trendy outfits that reflect the spirit of the festival. In 2023, we are witnessing a resurgence of traditional fashion, with sarees for women and vintage dupattas taking centre stage. These timeless garments have been given a contemporary twist, making them the top choices for Diwali outfits this year. Let's explore the top five trendy Diwali outfits for 2023, with a focus on sarees and dupattas.

1. Silk Sarees with Modern Blouses

Silk sarees have always been a classic choice for Diwali, but this year, they come with a twist. Modern blouses with unique cuts, high necklines, and statement sleeves have become the go-to choice. Opt for rich, jewel-toned silk sarees in shades of emerald green, deep maroon like Retro Fusion Satin Georgette Saree, or sapphire blue like Floral Orbit Satin Georgette Saree to make a stunning entrance. Accessorise with statement jewellery for a complete look.


2. Silk Sarees with Dupattas

Silk sarees, known for their opulence, are back in vogue. Pair a silk satin georgette saree with a contrasting, vibrant dupatta to add an unexpected element to your outfit. This contrast not only enhances the beauty of the saree but also adds a contemporary touch, perfect for the modern Indian woman. You can also go for sarees and dupattas with the same print and colour for a classic monochromatic look like pairing Floating Petals Satin Georgette Saree with Crimson Lotus Silk Dupatta.  

Silk Sarees with Dupattas

3. Silk Blend Dupatta with Simple Kurtis

For those who prefer a more comfortable outfit, a silk dupatta paired with a simple kurti and leggings is an excellent choice. The intricate designs and rich colours of these dupattas, example Flower Symphony Silk Dupatta add a touch of modern Indian styles to your look, while the comfortable kurti keeps you at ease throughout the celebrations.

Silk Blend Dupatta with Simple Kurtis

4. Lehenga Sarees

Lehenga sarees are making waves this Diwali. These outfits combine the grace of a saree with the convenience of a lehenga. They are easy to drape and offer a contemporary yet traditional look. With beautiful prints and vibrant colours, they are perfect for those who want to stand out at Diwali parties.

5. Crepe Sarees with Embellished Blouses

Crepe sarees are a great choice for those who prefer a lighter and flowy fabric. To make it more suitable for Diwali, opt for sarees with digital printed with rich colours, and pair them with heavily embellished blouses. The vibrant colours effect of the crepe combined with the intricate blouse design creates a captivating ensemble. The perfect example of a crepe saree for diwali will be Fluttering Beauty Crepe Saree.

Crepe Sarees with Embellished Blouse


This Diwali, embrace the elegance of sarees and dupattas as you celebrate the festival of lights. The top five trendy Diwali outfits for 2023 offer a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Whether you choose a silk saree, a Kanjeevaram with a contrasting dupatta, or a comfortable Banarasi dupatta with a simple kurti, your outfit will reflect the beauty and spirit of Diwali. With these stylish choices, you'll shine as brightly as the diyas during this festive season. To buy dupatta and silk saree online for the above ideas, check out our brand Thee Modern Roots.


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