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How to Style a Saree for Work?

Elegance and grace can command attention and respect while allowing you to express your individuality and to portray that, the saree is the powerful choice to wear for the workplace. If you are looking for a way to make an ever lasting impression at the office, here are a few ways to style a saree for work.

1. The Classic Corporate Look

To start off solid colours like navy blue, charcoal grey, or deep maroon are the perfect options for a traditional corporate appearance with a sophisticated look. Fabrics such as silk or crepe, with matching blouses will be the right choices to go for which will also give a monochromatic look for a sharp touch. To add more depth to the attire, high neck blouse designs and full sleeves creates the formal yet stylish look and accentuates your facial features. Leave your hair straight with a middle partition which will complement your edgy serious look. Minimal accessories, maybe with pearl or metallic studs with minimal makeup and pumps will finish off this look. This timeless style exudes professionalism and confidence.

2. The Contemporary Power Saree

Step into the Modern Corporate World With a contemporary power saree. A Saree in green, electric blue, or red will be the colour picks for this style. For fluidity and lightness, opt for fabrics like Georgette or silk blend which will boost your confidence and help you step out of your comfort zone. Pair it with an edgy, tailored blouse to feature clean lines. A belt will cinch the saree at the waist to create a structured silhouette and define your natural curves. This ensemble is perfect for making a statement at important presentations or meetings.

3. The Fusion Ensemble

A saree with a unique twist, like a pre-draped or pant saree will create the perfect blend between tradition and modernity for this fusion saree look. Style and comfort together with the ease of movement while maintaining the touch of elegance will give you the extra confidence needed. Pair it with a contemporary blouse featuring asymmetrical cuts, interesting necklines or stylish sleeves which will state your uniqueness and create the image of a bold character. Accessorise with statement earrings or bold cuff bracelet to add the edginess. To make it feel more of an avant-garde office outfit, pair ankle boots or block heeled mules to complete this solid and bold look.

4. The layered Saree

This is the most trendy style followed today. Start with a printed saree and layer it with a neutral colour jacket or cape to elevate your saree game with layered saree styles. This adds an extra dimension to your outfit while maintaining a touch of elegance. Accessories with chunky jewellery or a bold belt with a blouse that complements the jacket or cape. Add a watch with a wristband to add a professional touch and style it with a tote bag. Finish the look with strappy sandals for a contemporary twist on traditional attire. This look gives the lady boss vibe leaving a strong impression. 

5. The Ethnic Chic

A ethnic chic saree look embraces your cultural heritage. Traditional motifs printed sarees will be the perfect match for this look. Pairing them with a contrasting or complementing blouse in a unique design like a boat neck or bell sleeves will enhance this attire. Accessories with ethnic jewellery like jhumkas or chunky neck pieces will elevate this look. Keep your hair in a neat bun or a side braid to showcase the saree’s details. Finish off with juttis to hit the perfect Ethnic Chic look. If you feel like going boho in a traditional way, this is the look you must try.

Styling a saree for work doesn’t have to be limited to the classic corporate look. With these five unique saree styles, you can put forward your unique individuality and professionalism simultaneously. Don’t forget to choose the right fabric for your comfort and opt for colours which boosts your confidence. Blouse designs matter a lot too so always go for well tailored blouses. For the clean look, the way you drape your saree plays a crucial role in achieving a work-appropriate look. Lastly, it's all about striking the right balance between tradition and professionalism. Check out our website, Thee Modern Roots to find the best pieces of silk saree online.

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